Things to Consider When You Are Moving to a New House

Moving to a new house is something everybody who is hoping to change the residence looks forward to. There is an underlying lovely feeling of starting anew. However, while carrying all your belongings to the new location is never easy, I’m afraid there’s more to it.

You need to make certain changes and preparations before you can be content with your new house. Let’s find out what these very important things are, shall we?

  1.    The locks-change them

Security is paramount and you need to ensure that nobody else can gain access to your new house. The previous residents might still keep some of the keys and since the house now belongs to you, nobody else should have the means to get in.

Only you and your family members should have the keys to the house. Get the locks changed by calling in a locksmith. Do this with every door to ensure optimum security.

  1.    Look out for leaks

You don’t want to move to a new house and start incurring unnecessary costs with water leaks. It wouldn’t hurt to check the plumbing in the house even after the inspector gave you a clean bill of health.

The inspector might have missed something. A good way to tell if there is water wastage or leaks is to read the meter when nobody is using the water at an interval of two hours. If the reading changes then there is a high chance water is seeping from somewhere.

If you notice a leak, get it fixed before moving in.

  1.    Clean the carpets

One of the best feelings is walking into a clean house. Before you can bring in your furniture, make sure the carpets in all the rooms are clean. Steam cleaning is one way to do this. While you can hire professionals to do it for you, it’s possible to save quite a bit of your cash by doing it yourself.

Hiring a steam cleaner is far cheaper and will get the job done especially if you are a DIY enthusiast.

  1. 4.    Any uninvited guests need to go!

We mean the creepy crawlies, the rats and the mice who’ve invited themselves over. They’ve got to go because their presence will do little but make you uncomfortable.

You can DIY with pesticide and rat poison but for the best results it’s always a good idea to hire the services of an exterminator.

  1.    Ensure clean closets and cabinets

Before you can move in your kitchenware or your clothes, ensure the cabinets and closets are clean. It is far easier to wipe the dust out of empty cabinets and closets than to take the everything out afterward.

  1.    Get New toilet seats

C’mon, you’ve thought about it! You’ve wondered what was going on in the toilet before you moved in. Things are made worse by toilet hinges that don’t seem to get clean. To feel more content perhaps you need to get new toilet seats. These will come with new hinges making sure that every cranny is clean.

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